MHS has signed a contract with Mercator BH

Mercator BH doo and MHS Ltd. signed an agreement on business cooperation, whose subject is the distribution of unaddressed service delivery in the area of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mercator BH, engaging MHS as a licensed company to provide these types of services by the Regulatory Agency of Transportation / Transport, ranks companies in order to strictly comply with the legal framework of BiH.

Option, the method and procedure of providing these services are regulated by the post offices of BiH and the Law on postal service FBiH part treats and defines the universal postal service.

All of the above proves the continuity of the business orientation of the company since its entry into the market system, which includes operations in compliance with applicable regulations and laws in BiH. Strong infrastructure and a developed distribution network guarantees quality of service and the shortest possible timeframe for distribution under conditions and in a manner that meets the latest European and international requirements and standards.