About Us

MHS Ltd. is a company that is legally established in 2008. as the first local courier business and as such specialized in the distribution of small consignments of addressed and unaddressed mail in BiH.

MHS Ltd. is a leading domestic company engaged in courier business in BiH. Quality service, detailed reports, cheaper prices, and the respect of our peers, led us to the fact that many customers are using our services. We are entrusted with the most demanding part of the advertisement work related to our clients direct communication with their customers. We are a time-preserving, and money-saving company that combines full services: printing, packing, addressing, sorting and distribution of leaflets. Therefore we can say that we are the leading courier service in Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing a complete service to the client and deliver shipments directly to the following address within 24 hours.

MHS Ltd. is a leader in the distribution of advertising materials, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina we have regional centers in Sarajevo, Tuzla, Mostar, Zenica, Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Bihac, Travnik, Tešanj and Brcko from which we cover other small towns in their area. Our couriers distribute over 6 milion unaddressed shipments monthly on the territory of the entire country. Leafleats, brochures, catalogues etc. belong to non-addressed mail and represent the way in which shopping centers directly communicate to their customers.


Leader in leafleat distribution advertising


MHS Ltd. main occupation is delivery of addressed and non-addressed mail, as well as distribution of leafleats.

Direct, "door to door" advertisment is the most popular way of advertising, reaching user efficiency up to 96%, while over 75% of users reacted positive to our leafleat or catalogue. MHS used this advertising media with great success, and in our long experience, we have improved our methods and became a leader in it's distribution.

Our couriers distribute over 6 milion non-addressed mail all over BiH. A leafleat, brochure or a catalogue are medias through which our clients reach their costumers. Those kinds of advertisement represent over 60% of advertising of any large company, and we take that responsibility to the smallest details, from printing to delivery.


Over 80% of our couriers are in posession of GPS tracking devices, which gives us a possibility of real-time delivery supervision, which is also transparent and available for our clients to observe and control in coordination with our supervisors.


MHS Ltd. Is first in Bosnia and Herzegovina to be licensed for non-addressed shipments


For the first time since its founding Agency for postal traffic of B&H granted the licence for performing the services of direct mail - non-addressed shipments, and it was granted to MHS Company Ltd. from Sarajevo.

For years, we as a private company owned the licence for courier business, while now only MHS own licences for courier jobs and this one which is an exclusive licence for the delivery of unaddressed shipments (leaflets, flyers, catalogues etc.), in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our main activity and biggest part of our business is a specialized distribution of unaddressed shipments. In this field, we are covering over 80% of the market, which makes us a leader in the provision of these services.

On the walls of our company is also ISO certificate 9001: 2008 as well as the BID Quality Award, which MHS received in London because of the implementation of international standards in a Bosnian company.



Mont Blanc, rocky and icy mountain in France, above the Olympic Chamonix, with 4,810 meters above sea level is a big challenge for all climbers, including mountaineering society "Visocica" from Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose members reached the top of Mont Blanc at the end of August.

The PD "Visocica" with a team of eight members went on an expedition that lasted eight days. They went from 23 September BiH in the expedition, and already on September 28 won the highest peak of the Alps, which is the second largest in Europe.

Sponsor of the expedition was the company MHS Ltd., which is financially supported by the departure of eight members of the PD "Visocica", and only three of them Gibovic Emin, Radonja Rasim and Pinjić Almir managed to conquer the icy peak and take pictures with the flag of MHS and thus this opportunity to thank trust and financial support. The most exciting part of the expedition was the last of the mountain hut Refuge du Gouter to the top of Mont Blanc, which lasted five hours. This opportunity to congratulate the brave mountaineers and wish good luck to the new challenges!





For the second year in a row the company MHS Ltd. supports the International Swimming Meeting "Youth for Youth", which this year took place from October 20 to 18.- Olympic pool Sarajevo. The rally was organized by Association "Youth for Youth Sarajevo" and PK "Sport time", and coperation Olympic pool Sarajevo. The meeting was attended by over 300 participants from 32 swimming clubs from eight countries. The meeting was marked by the participation of a large number of swimming clubs from BiH, then Croatian, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bulgaria and the UK. The company MHS Ltd. this year's rally was supported by providing funds for cash awards top three male and female categories. Cash prizes handed Samir Sabanovic, Director MHS Ltd. contestants with the most valuable results by the number of points that are awarded cash prizes in the women's competition are: 1. Tanja Schmid (South - Dubrovnik), Catherine Rados (Zagreb Swimming Association) and Ivana Ninkovic (Olympus - Banja Luka). In the men's competition nagrede received: Boris Stojanovic (PK Kikinda), John Biondić (Zagreb Swimming Association) and Christian Tomic (Zagreb Swimming Association). Records of Bosnia and Herzegovina to 14 years old are postaviili Amar Šapčanin (Sports Time Sarajevo) in the 50-meter breaststroke (33.93) and Negra Ahmetspahić (GKVS Sarajevo) for the 100m butterfly (1: 06:59). Swimming Competition was a humanitarian character, in which the purchase of tickets donated funds association "CGU" - an association for the advancement of education and support for children with and without developmental disabilities in order to support the work and needs that are necessary for quality work with children.

MHS Ltd. support international test race for the European Cup in alpine skiing


Međunarodna test trka u Alpskom skijanju održana je od 19.-20.februara na Bjelašnici. S obzirom da je ova trka predstavljala najbolji test za održavanje EVROPA KUP-a 2014.godine u kojoj će učešće u istoj uzeti oko 80 skijaša i skijašica iz cijele Evrope, rukovodstvo MHS firme odlučilo je podržati ovu sportsku aktivnost kao podsticaj za bolju i kvalitetniju organizaciju, ali i razvoj zimskog sporta u BiH. Organizator trke je Skijaški savez BiH i KJP ZOI'84, dok je tehnički organizator Skijaški klub ZOI'84. Sportsku manifestaciju otvorio je član Predsjedništva BiH Željko Komšić, koji je predsjednik Organizacijskog odbora trke.


MHS Ltd. General sponsor of the project

International Swimming Competition for young teens


MHS Company Ltd. for the third year in a row demonstrates its social responsibility by supporting various youth projects. So this year financially supported International Swim Meet Youth for youth organized by the Association of Young teens - Sarajevo, in cooperation with the swimming club and the Olympic Pool Sporttime Isle. By participating in this project gained the title of General Sponsor of the project and thus enable the organizers to the project site in the better way.

Thanks to the funds sponsors, organizers have enabled a high quality program for both competitors and visitors to the event. It is thanks to such material interest in participation is a big swimming clubs, so their arrival announced legnedarni Borut Petric swimming coach, head coach of the South of Dubrovnik, and the Slovenian national team, which will result in two Slovenian reprezezentativke - Tanja Smid and SPEL Bohinc. Besides them, their arrival was announced and coach Branislav Kostic, who will come to the competition with Miroslav Najdanovski, that has developed over three Olympics and best European and world results, a gold medal and the Mediterranean record in the 100 m freestyle in Pescara, medals at the Universiade , semi-finals and finals of the European and world championships.

Consequently all of the above this will be the first time that a project of this nature take place in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim nomination for inclusion in the calendar of FINA (International Swimming Organization). Substituting into this calendar results achieved by the evaluated the rally would be to meet the standards for the European and World Championships and the Olympic Games would rally given greater importance and attractiveness of the European and world level.

MHS has signed a contract with Mercator BH


Mercator BH doo and MHS Ltd. signed an agreement on business cooperation, whose subject is the distribution of unaddressed service delivery in the area of ​​the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mercator BH, engaging MHS as a licensed company to provide these types of services by the Regulatory Agency of Transportation / Transport, ranks companies in order to strictly comply with the legal framework of BiH.

Option, the method and procedure of providing these services are regulated by the post offices of BiH and the Law on postal service FBiH part treats and defines the universal postal service.

All of the above proves the continuity of the business orientation of the company since its entry into the market system, which includes operations in compliance with applicable regulations and laws in BiH. Strong infrastructure and a developed distribution network guarantees quality of service and the shortest possible timeframe for distribution under conditions and in a manner that meets the latest European and international requirements and standards.

MHS signed with Jysk Ltd.


Jysk Ltd., hiring MHS as a licensed company to provide these types of services by the Regulatory Agency of Transportation / Transport, belongs to the order of companies that hire specialized companies as their associates in all aspects of the business.

Collaboration continues to mutual satisfaction and the company Jysk and this example confirms that its policy with its reliable cooperation parnerima updated from year to year. Strong infrastructure and a developed distribution network MHS-guaranteeing quality of service and the shortest possible timeframe for distribution under conditions and in a manner that meets the latest European and international requirements and standards. Quality standards Jysk and requires its partners, which is found only in BiH MHS-in.

BDS System

BDS System

Our creative team has developed the system for delivery of bills, invoices etc. in a way that we avoid the services of the Post office.


This system is called the BDS or Biling and Distribution System. It is developed for the clients whose customers are consumers of Gas, Electricity or Water, or in other words, every company that needs to read the monthly consumption of its customer and than issue an invoice.



In the old system, an employee of the company or the third party would go to final consumer, read the status of consumption, and writing it on a list. After that the company gathers the information and make the data entry from the list. Than comes the process of calculation of the consumption for each consumer. Than a lot of people are ivolved in the preperation of each account. After that the data are send to the printing house or are printed by the company itself, and than they are sent via post office to the final consumer.



All these processes lasted in total for two weeks but with BDS system they last only for two or three days. The best part is that not only that this system saves time it also costs less. We invented the entire system for our clients in Bosnia, but the system is so easy to handle that it can be implemented to any client anywhere.


BDS System brochure


We cover the whole of BiH

Today MHS as a market leader in the distribution of advertising material operates in 8 major branches BH towns from which the distribution spreads to smaller towns and cities. Offices are equipped with all necessary equipment needed for the operation and development of the courier business. Each branch has one or two cars that performs distribution services. Opening hours for all branches of the 08-16h, Saturdays until 14h. Outlets operate on the basis of orders and instructions of the main office in Sarajevo.