The MHS courier company provides its clients with their basic activities and distribution services of addressed shipment, package delivery, design and printing of promotional material.

Unsecured shipment

Consult with us about the possible formats and form of the flyer you want to choose for your smart campaign. We provide our clients with the most diverse services of advertising material distribution.

  • Classic distribution in boxes
  • Door hangers – hanging a special design flyer for door knobs
  • Hanging on towels on cars
  • Distribution in hand at traffic intersections and places
  • Paste post it sticker onto the crates
  • The most common questions posed by companies that want to advertise through the distribution of advertising leaflets.
How is advertising material delivered to MHS?

Advertising material is usually delivered to our central warehouse in Sarajevo, but in agreement with the client, and depending on the quantity of advertising material and the location from which it is taken, often the material is downloaded to me at the client’s address or directly from the printing press.

How much is the advertising material delivered to MHS before?

When it comes to marketing campaigns, companies covering the entire territory of BiH should be in our central warehouse 5-7 days before the start of distribution.
While local distribution is sufficient to take the leaflets two to three days before.

How much does an average distribution take?

Distribution on average regardless of the circulation lasts for three days.

How can we be sure that the distribution ends in an agreed manner?

Through detailed reporting and monitoring of the division dynamics in the field. In addition to the day-to-day diversion plans we send to our clients, we also offer the possibility of a joint tour of the field with our supervision service. We also offer a standard photo documentation option, and it is possible to draw a view of the movement of a specific courier from the region that is the subject of interest from our GPS system at the daily level.

What can I expect as a result of distribution?

A survey conducted by the Direct Marketing Association showed:

  • 62-71% of customers consider advertising leaflets useful
  • 48% of customers visited the store, bought the product or forwarded further information after receiving an advertising leaflet
  • 79% keep, forward, or read the flyer

While Royal Mail MarketReach carried out a similar survey that shows that 88% of smaller firms have improved their business and sales of their products after a campaign for the distribution of advertising material. This is not surprising when it comes to the fact that 92% of the people who receive the flyer review their content.


Address shipments

In large urban environments, we also distribute addressed shipment at sharply lower prices than postal operators. Our service, unlike the classic delivery of the addressed shipment, involves overwhelming at the client’s address, delivery with a detailed report after the completed delivery.

Design and print

You want to do a campaign for the distribution of promotional material, but you do not have a designer. You are not familiar with the press of the market. You are not sure which circulation you need. We will design and implement a complete campaign for you. Our team of designers will make you an ideal visual solution for the flyer. After consulting about the format and volume of the leaflet, we will offer you the most competitive price of the press on the market.

References list

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Addressed shipments:
  • KJKP Sarajevogas
  • KJKP Toplane Sarajevo
  • Telemach – kablovski operater
  • JKP Vodovod Breza
  • Sparkasse Bank
  • BSO – Bosna Sunce Osiguranje
  • Europronet – internet operater
  • FEB
  • Farmasi
  • Schenker
  • Vitapur
  • Schachermayer
  • Plus computers
  • Konica Minolta
Unsecured shipment:
  • JYSK
  • Deichmann
  • dm Drogeriemarkt
  • cm – cosmetic market
  • Beko
  • KIK
  • Travel Free
  • Bosch
  • Agromehanika
  • Unitrade
  • FIS
  • Penny plus
  • Penny marketi
  • ROBOT tržni centri
  • Amko tržni centri
  • Metro obuća
  • Vicko
  • Škafa
  • Senigor
  • MANA
  • Muller
  • Unex media
  • Partner – mikrokreditna fondacija
  • Black Red White – McMilan
  • Dallas namještaj
  • Sinkro namještaj
  • Afano
  • Max Mobel
  • Tabriz tepisi
  • Dugatehna
  • Textil house
  • Atal group
  • Tehnodepo
  • Telinea
  • Tenfore
  • Megamarkt Mostar
  • Western union
  • Ventcommerce
  • Mikrofin
  • Icenet